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SSGA Portfolio Analyzer

State Street Global Advisors (SSGA) offers investment professionals an institutional-caliber tool for constructing client portfolios. SSGA Portfolio ConstructorSM and SSGA Portfolio Analyzer leverage your expertise and experience, alongside cutting-edge technology, to help you:

  • Quickly assess your clients' tolerance for risk.
  • Construct efficient portfolios based on your clients' goals and risk tolerance.
  • Analyze existing client portfolios and determine the effect of hypothetical changes.
  • Utilize SSGA-provided institutional asset allocation insight and research.
  • Generate professional, personalized investment proposals and policy statements for your clients.
  • Save valuable time, better spent on business- and relationship-building activities.
Sophistication and Flexibility

Available on our investment professionals-only website, and at no cost to you, the SSGA Portfolio Constructor and the SSGA Portfolio Analyzer have been engineered specifically to meet the needs of experienced investment professionals. It enables a high degree of analysis and flexibility when building and analyzing portfolios.

The intuitive interface guides you through the entire portfolio construction and analysis process, enabling you to quickly and effectively design sophisticated investment strategies for your clients' consideration.

Institutional-Caliber Capabilities

SSGA is among the first in the industry to offer this degree of intelligence in portfolio construction tools, at absolutely no cost to investment professionals.

Assess Client Risk

Portfolio Constructor enables advisors to use an optional, dynamically scored risk questionnaire to determine a client's risk tolerance. Alternatively, the tool allows you to manually define the risk profile for your clients.

Construct Efficient Portfolios

Portfolio Constructor enables you to fluidly construct efficient portfolios for your clients, and determine the efficiency of existing portfolios.

  • Initiate the portfolio construction process by simply uploading a client's current holdings. Search for specific securities to enter using a dynamic search tool, or enter current holdings by asset class type or by entering a cash amount for the entire portfolio.
  • Leverage a range of target allocation models, built to suit a wide array of investor risk profiles (e.g. stable, conservative, moderate, aggressive and taxable/non-taxable) in the SSGA Portfolio Constructor, or simply analyze your client's current holdings in the Portfolio Analyzer.
  • Search for and select individual securities, mutual funds, and ETFs when creating portfolios.
  • Analyze existing holdings against target allocations, and create customized target allocations, across multiple dimensions: style, sector, asset class and security concentration.
  • Implement target allocations utilizing pre-built SSGA model portfolios that encompass various investment products: stocks, ETFs, and mutual funds.
  • Create and implement your own target models based on your own model allocations and favorite investment products.
Utilize Monte Carlo Simulations

The Monte Carlo Simulator is among the more powerful and advanced utilities on the Portfolio Constructor and the Portfolio Analyzer. The Monte Carlo Simulator calculates hundreds to thousands of possible return outcomes for both the current and proposed portfolios by utilizing projected returns and standard deviations of various asset classes. By using the Monte Carlo Simulator, you can help educate investors about "what they could win or lose" over a hypothetical investment horizon of up to 10 years. By providing "best" and "worst" case scenarios, as well as other risk/return measurements, the Monte Carlo Simulator helps you construct efficient portfolios that most closely align with your clients' financial goals and tolerance for risk.

Generate Professional Proposals & Investment Policy Statements

At the end of the workflow, you can create tailored proposal reports for your clients. These professional-looking reports are branded with your personal identifying information.

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