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06/24/2016 The Market Impact of the Brexit Vote PDF Rick Lacaille, Global Chief Investment Officer, discusses the vote in Britain to exit the European Union. Read about possible impacts for global investment markets, and how investors can prepare.
06/16/2016 ETFs vs Futures Watch Tim Mullaney of the Institutional ETF Group discuss why more investors are using ETFs in place of futures contracts for exposure to equity markets.
05/11/2016 SPDR ETF Options Report PDF SPDR ETF Options Report - May 4, 2016
04/20/2016 Sectors and Industries: Top Three to Watch PDF David Mazza, Head of Research, shares his thoughts on the top three sectors to watch along with implementation ideas to take advantage of the opportunity in today's equity market.
04/12/2016 ETF Industry Guide PDF As of June 30, 2015
04/11/2016 Good as Gold: Re-appraising Strategic Allocations to Gold PDF Learn more about one of the world’s most valuable metals including how gold can be considered a potentially defensive asset as well as long-term strategic asset for today and beyond.
03/31/2016 NAIC Designations for SPDR Fixed Income ETFs PDF NAIC Designations for SPDR Fixed Income ETFs
03/29/2016 Global ETF Snapshot - February 2016 PDF A monthly overview of the ETF marketplace.
02/16/2016 The Case for Gold in 2016 Webinar Transcript PDF The Case for Gold in 2016 Webinar Transcript
02/11/2016 China, USD and Oil: A Volatile Brew for 2016 PDF SSGA strategists and portfolio managers offer perspective on what investors should consider amid concerns about growth in China, the impact of a strong dollar and pressure on commodity prices.
02/01/2016 Uncommon Sense: Why China Matters Now PDF Chief Investment Strategist Michael Arone explains why slowing growth in China is a global problem.
01/25/2016 Fixed Income Investing in a Challenging Environment David Mazza and Jared Rowley of the SPDR ETF and SSGA Funds Research Team offer insights to help investors generate income while navigating an uncertain path of further Federal Reserve rate hikes.
01/21/2016 Sector and Industry Investing in 2016 David Mazza and Jared Rowley of the SPDR ETF and SSGA Funds Research Team share why sector and industry investing could make sense in this low growth environment, and which areas they’re favoring.
01/19/2016 A Letter from Our CEO PDF Read Ron O’Hanley’s perspectives on opportunities in 2016 and how SSGA is committed to your long‐term success.
01/14/2016 Harnessing Innovation and Growth Within Tech PDF Explore our positive outlook on the US technology sector and why we believe that investors should consider overweighting the technology sector in 2016 because it offers relatively strong earnings.

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